Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Not Downton Abbey

One of the topics that has engaged me over the years is slavery. The first two novels I wrote, serializing them on Live Journal as I went along (many years ago), were about an alternate world in which one country's economy and culture were slave-based. The first one developed a nice readership, and when I published it online, it had fairly good sales, for a book that had no publicity except the blog. The second one didn't do as well, but I didn't consider it a failure.

Since then, I've self-published a few other things, all of which attracted very little attention since they weren't publicized either. Supposedly, I would have learned by now that unless an author is willing to spend time promoting their writing, it will sink like a stone. Certainly, I've learned it, but basically, I just don't care. It's the writing that's important, the development of ideas and scenarios, not how much money I can make.

Still, there's the always present desire to be read. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't part of the motivation for writing. So I'm going to repeat the Live Journal experiment here. Will it interest anyone? Who knows? But at least, it will offer me some motivation for continuing to work on a story that's been underway for several years now, without making a whole lot of progress.

Your Obedient Servant takes place in a United States which has legalized slavery. Climate change is well advanced, and slavery is just one of its side effects. The office of President is now hereditary, as are congressional senators and representatives.

The story is written as a memoir by a man who has spent his last 40 or so years as the indentured servant of a senator. It's a position that, for him, became no different from that of a slave.

In our world, slavery has never gone away, and if you do a Google search, you'll find more than you want to know about its persistence and the ways in which it is changing.


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