Sunday, December 15, 2019

Parallels - How Many Children Will Die?

 Nicolae Ceaușescu. How many people remember that name? Or that he was responsible for the deaths of thousands of orphan children in Romania, the country he ruled until his execution in 1989? Even with my poor memory, and the periods when I paid little attention to the news, I remember him, and the horrors he brought to Romania. It's estimated that anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 children, many of them disabled, died in the country's orphanages.

Today's Guardian article goes back to that period, and the ongoing investigation to uncover all the facts, assign responsibility, and to secure a history that has been largely ignored.

It's unlikely that as many children will die in Trump's cages, but the potential for disaster is there. The latest outrage is that ICE has refused to allow medical personnel in to administer free flu vaccinations. A mere handful of children have died to date, thanks to overcrowding and neglect. But those conditions persists, and it's a certainty that children whose only fault is that their parents wanted better lives for them, and many of whom will never see their parents again, will die from easily preventable causes. 

The Romanian children lived in a communist nation. The imprisoned children in the US, who were brought here from countries suffering violence, and poverty, are now living in a democratic nation. Or are they?

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