Saturday, November 2, 2019

Then and Now

In three months, I’ll be 83 years old. I don’t think there’s any way to convey to someone who hasn’t experience them what the sweeping changes of almost a century look like. So much of what I’ve seen or experienced is distant history to the current generation of young people. It’s human nature to live mostly in the present, with only a vague knowledge and understanding of the past. But that’s no guarantee they know what’s going on outside their little sphere of family, friends, and work. 

I read a lot of news reports every day, keeping up with political, environmental, criminal justice, and several other important issues. I’m lucky enough to have a mind that sees and tracks patterns, one of which is the increase in surveillance of people just going about their daily lives and the consequent loss of privacy. This was brought home to me (again) in a very personal way this morning, when I finished reading a Guardian article about the youth movement addressing climate change. Under it was the usual reminder that the site is supported by readers, etc., etc. But a new statement stuck out like a poke in the eye: “You’ve read 137 Guardian articles in the last month…"

Writing Notes: It’s possible that more people are writing about doing NaNoWriMo than are actually doing it.

They want to win what they think is a contest. It isn’t.
They want to do what their friends are doing.
They want to be able to boast that they did it.
They want to have fun.

287,327 people signed up for NaNo in 2018
35,387 actually wrote 50,000 words or more. 29%

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