Friday, November 15, 2019

The Uncertain Future - a Realistic View

I would like very much to write a novel that portrays post-apocalyptic life in a realistic way. This is one of the reasons, I have a folder named 2026 on my desktop to collect news articles and opinion pieces on climate change, from as many perspectives as possible. Health issues, migration, drought and flood, social disintegration, etc. What I'm most interested in is those effects of climate change that are rarely being discussed, those that tend to be less spectacular than wildfires and hurricanes.

For some time now I've been thinking about a future in which disasters are happening too frequently and involving too many people for governments to keep up with relief efforts. Not enough dollars. Not enough man power. If you truly believe the scientists, it's something you should already have recognized as a too real possibility. Something the media should have recognized and starting informing the public about. Not happening, so far. But maybe that corner is about to be turned.

Today's Truthdig news site posted an article that faces this front and center: In Our Future Climate Dystopia, This is What the Pentagon Will Do The article is a discussion of our military forces both at home and abroad, and what many of our critical bases have already suffered from climate change. To sum up as succinctly as possible: "there will come a time when the climate assault is so severe and multifaceted that U.S. leaders will be unable to address all the major disasters simultaneously and will have to pick and choose where to deploy their precious assets."

NaNoWriMo note. I did sign up, mostly for the progress charts, which unfortunately are suffering from the site makeover, incompetently designed and programmed. Still, it's been a bit of the goad I hoped for, and my writing block seems to have broken. For good? Fingers are crossed. I took several days off from writing (and doing much of anything) so I'm a few thousand words behind NaNo's goals, but a few thousand ahead of my own original one. Instead of 15,000 words for the month, I've written almost 20,000 only halfway into the month. My pace varies drastically, so no predictions where I will be at month's end.

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