Thursday, November 7, 2019

Change and No Change

Jumping forward an hour in the Spring doesn't bother me, but my body has trouble adjusting to the jump back. Why that is so is probably one of those mysteries without a solution.

Modern life demands that we constantly change in ways that aren't necessarily intelligent, useful, or valuable, time changes being one of them. Since most humans normally resist significant change, maybe the onward forced march of bigger, better, newer, different creates even greater resistance.

It takes intelligence and the willingness to accept change when it's really necessary, and the consequences of not doing so when it can negatively affect people's lives can reverberate throughout a society.

America's criminal justice system and its accompanying systems of incarceration require massive changes in order to come even a few steps closer to something we can call justice. When the problems are known and the solutions are also known, and nothing is done, how do we overcome the resistance to change?

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